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Why Skyway?

Skyway has boomed into the top production venue in the Southeast. With the peace of mind from our gated campus, artists are free to focus on their creative visions, taking their talents to the highest levels with the expert assistance of our state-of-the-art production facilities and support infrastructure. We are confident that the more you learn about us, the more certain you will be that Skyway is the venue to realize your vision.  Skyway has also created a community of talented tenants in the facility: casting/talent agents, a film production company, a lighting & grip company, an entertainment lawyer and post-production specialists to make your production as seamless as possible.

  • 16 acre gated campus allows you lots of space and peace of mind to focus on creating your vision
  • Studios and support infrastructure can be tailored to your exact needs, allowing for unmatched flexible production
  • A thriving community of on-site production professionals allows for creative consulting and effective networking

Why Nashville?

Linked to the world via three Interstates by land and an international airport by air, Nashville is a centrally located, cosmopolitan hub whose vibrant energy inspires world-renowned artists and creatives to make ‘Music City’ home. The advantages of Nashville as your production venue are numerous and include the following:

  • One of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country
  • Large pool of local talent experienced in music and video production from which to draw
  • Average rent and home prices in Nashville significantly lower than New York or Los Angeles
  • High quality of life with numerous cultural attractions and a thriving bar and restaurant scene
  • No state income taxes

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Tech Specifications

  • Wall to Wall 29' x 22'

  • Green Screen: 20' wide x 8' tall
  • Faux Brick: 20' wide x 8' tall
  • Grid Height: 13' x 10.5"
  • Download Floor Plan
  • Wall to Wall 29' x 14'

  • 2.8MM LED Wall
  • Upstage Wall - 10’x 10’
  • 5.9 MM LED Floor - 14’x7’
  • Download Floor Plan
  • Flex Space
  • Approx. 12,000 sq. ft. overall usable space (including offices)
  • Approx. 5,950 sq. ft. main open space
  • Approx. 18' max ceiling height
  • Multi-use space
  • Download Floor Plan

skyway studios

Schedule a Tour

We invite you to experience our exemplary studios for yourself. Tell us a bit about your production plans, and we’ll tailor your tour to optimize your visit.

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