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Impact! Wrestling utilizes multiple studios and advanced control rooms for its television production of monthly events as well as their PPV broadcasts.

Television Production

The world of TV production is changing and evolving every day based on how your audience is consuming your content. Are you producing a daily variety show or a drama that will be binged on Netflix or HBO Max? Is your programming going to be interspersed with commercials, impacting your program run time? These are just a few of the challenges facing today’s TV creators. With its full-service, video production expertise, Skyway Studios has served as the home of a number of TV programs, from IMPACT! Wrestling to music competition shows to Pickler & Ben, the Emmy-nominated and nationally syndicated daily talk show. Whether shooting a commercial or broadcasting an ongoing show live, Skyway’s state-of-the-art studios along with full amenities for the talent have what you need to make your vision come to life.

TV Production Amenities & More

At Skyway, your television production options are almost limitless. Whether you need one studio, two studios with a live audience or a virtual environment created by our LED Smart Stage, we are here to meet your needs. Also, since we’re open 24/7, your production schedule is fully under your control; the number of episodes you can shoot per week depends simply on how many you need to produce. The Emmy-winning Pickler & Ben, for example, shot 2 episodes per day at Skyway, and with a live studio audience of 200+ per show — an economical and effective way to bring energy and excitement to a program! We have the space and the experience to include those live audiences. From our ample parking to our professional security screenings to our various arrangements, we are all set to maximize the impact of your live TV programs. In addition, Skyway also housed Pickler & Ben’s staff of 70 completely on site, providing their production with maximum efficiency and economy.

For your talent and crew, we have private dressing, makeup and green rooms along with a prep kitchen for catering needs. For your show’s set designers, we have an in-house mill shop for construction, assembly and storage of all of your sets and props, giving your show the exact look you seek. Further, our facility has the infrastructure for your comfort and your confidence, providing you with high volume, low noise air conditioning along with the ceiling and electrical grid to support all productions, a high speed fiber network (inbound/outbound), The Switch and Viivx.

Live action telecasts are no problem at Skyway with multiple studios, 4K/HD control rooms and technical infrastructure to live stream everywhere.

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