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Skyway was the home to the Emmy Award-winning Pickler & Ben, a syndicated television show with a 100 person live audience, twice daily.

Entertainment Production

Skyway Studios is a world-class production industry campus, your go-to destination for music videos, variety shows and live entertainment. World-renowned talent from Music City and all points beyond — acts such as Keith Urban, Brothers Osborne, and Ashley McBryde — regularly utilize the state-of-the-art LED Smart Stage to produce the highest caliber music videos and creative productions advanced technologies make possible. At Skyway, our clients find that the wide range of studio spaces, technologies and expert personnel help them create innovative content to support their brands. Whether it is preparing for an album release or music video, a massive pay-per-view for professional wrestling or a worldwide broadcast on today’s top economic issues, Skyway delivers a unique experience for our customers; there is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” when it comes to entertainment production. Whether you need promotional videos for tours or events, trailers for your new shows or a “live” performance in the virtual world with our LED Smart Stage, your options are endless at Skyway. Our staff will work with you and within your budget to make sure that you get the highest quality and most impactful production.

Why Skyway Studios

The variety of productions made at Skyway span the spectrum of entertainment possibilities. From broadcasting intimate performances by world-famous artists to shooting scenes and sequences for big-budget films to providing pay-per-view for the highest-flying professional wrestlers, Skyway has the demonstrated expertise and the flexible studio spaces to make your production soar as well. Our technology is state-of-the-art, and we’ll help you employ it to its full effect. Our virtual stage, for example, is one of the largest in North America, making it possible for such mind-blowing, artist-audience innovations as interactive “fan walls” and amazing pay-per-view, aural-visual concert experiences unlike anything ever done before. It is also possible, as Keith Urban has shown at Skyway, to combine multi-studio shoots in our traditional studios with our virtual stages — yes, we have more than one. But even if your project is more modest, say simply calling for up to 10 dancers on a green screen for a music video, Skyway is more than happy to tailor our advanced resources to fit your artistic needs.

Once you’re realizing your vision inside one or more of our four, large studios — all outfitted with soundproofing and noise abatement, 800 amps of dimmable power in the fixed lighting grid, high volume/low noise air handlers and supplemental camloc power — you will be pleased with our many amenities. Our gated and secure facility is unique for its capacity to safely accommodate artists’ tour buses, complete with power hookups. A private studio entrance provides artists with increased security and peace of mind while makeup, dressing and green rooms allow the talent to relax and prepare. A prep kitchen stands ready for catering, and, should you need any further assistance while producing at Skyway, an on-site concierge service is here to assist you.

No matter the size of your production, Skyway offers solutions to meet all of your entertainment production needs.

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