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Features and Benefits

Our ultrahigh resolution LED Smart Stage confers the power to transform a typical, flat wall stage into a true 3D environment, one that allows for a natural exchange between the person on stage and the virtual space. The proprietary LED volume architecture and content-to-display systems and services can accommodate a wide variety of productions such as feature film, car process, corporate, live events and music videos. From the sight lines to the lighting, all of the effects are real, and no additional rehearsal is required. Anyone on stage can immediately relate to the environment.

Industry-Leading LED Production Stages

We utilize the best cinematic LED panels, the ROE Black Pearl 2 Version 2 (BP2v2), which are the upgraded version of the film-grade LEDs used on blockbusters for the Marvel and Star Wars franchises.  These panels provide for better refresh rates and lower scan rates, resulting in ultra-realistic, real-time content with no noticeable flicker and stunning color accuracy. Our LED main wall volume features an overall screen with a width of 68’9” and a height of 16’4”. In addition, there are 2 rolling side screens which are 16’4” wide and 13’2” high. Further, there is an LED ceiling with a variety of panels to meet any production needs. We also have ROE CB5 with customized low-profile shader for much improved light dispersion, eliminating much of the off-axis color shift associated with other studios.


In addition to providing the world’s best LED virtual production stages, we also have the industry’s top content developers and Virtual Art Departments (“VADs”), such as Happy Mushroom and PHNTM. This allows Skyway to provide your next project with world-class content for our LED screens. Need to be in Old Jerusalem for your next show? Skyway can do that on our Smart Stage. How about on the plains of Montana for a shot at 9am and the streets of Manhattan at noon? Our virtual production workflow allows you to efficiently and cost-effectively shoot scenes around the world from one single stage in Nashville.

  • One-stop from stage architecture & buildout to display-driven content
  • Car process filming
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Real time/Photo realistic 3D environment
  • Unlimited scenes/sets per event 
  • Safe and secure for talent and crew

The LED Smart Stage provides efficient and effective production without having to worry about the challenges of on-site shooting like changing ambient lighting conditions, weather and other environmental issues.

The LED Smart Stage allows you to quickly and easily create the perfect set for your next production. We have unlimited possibilities for backdrop plates which can be changed in a matter of minutes.

What can this technology Do for you?


  • News and interview set
  • Wrap around segments
  • Remote commentary
  • Award shows
  • Episodic interior and exterior 


  • Live performance
  • Interactive audience events
  • Remote collaboration performances


  • Keynote presentation
  • Fireside chat
  • Town hall
  • Multi-site meeting
  • Investor meetings
  • Venture capital and private equity pitches


  • Background plate
  • Virtual venue

Digital Cinema:

  • Enhanced environment
  • Car process – driving scene interior & exterior
  • Set extension
  • Practical lighting effects
  • Green screen replacement

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Tech specifications

  • Smart stage features
  • Cinema-grade LED panels; upgraded version from the version used on Disney’s The Mandalorian
  • Motion Control & Equipment
  • Intelligent lighting, camera controls, live color correction, and in-camera composites
  • Real-time Rendering & Visualization
  • Performance & Motion Capture
  • High-fidelity screen applications
  • Smart Stage Process
  • Camera Tracking
  • 24/7 local and remote support
  • Pitch-vis / Pre-vis / Tech-vis
  • On-Set Supervision & VFX Support
  • Exclusive “Volume Control” LED stage management and control teams
  • Top-tier production managers and crew

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Our Features

From its gated 16 acre campus to its revolutionary LED Stage — all just minutes from Nashville’s
vibrant downtown — Skyway Studios stands turnkey ready for any and all video production needs.

Control Rooms

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Full Technical Support

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Guest Lounge

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