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With the largest LED Smart Stage in the Southeast, car process scenes come to life, day or night.

Corporate Production

Household name institutions such as Vanderbilt University, Maybelline, Dollar General and Capital One have all seen the value it brings when they choose Skyway Studios as the one-stop production center for their product launches and corporate videos. With Skyway’s four flexible studios, some include an LED Smart Stage and a 90 degree curved 36’ wide by 27’ long CYC wall capabilities, the sky’s the limit for presenting your institution, business or products most effectively to the world. As we have all learned during the COVID pandemic, corporations have had to adjust their thinking when it comes to training, product launches, employee recognition or star-studded red-carpet events by balancing in-person and virtual gatherings. This new, hybrid model creates multiple challenges, especially as it relates to creating exciting and engaging content that is delivered on a screen versus live in a convention hall. Our customers have used our virtual stages to great effect to deliver sales strategies for the upcoming year, to recognize employees for outstanding performances and to launch simultaneously new products across North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Customers have enjoyed substantial savings in terms of budget and time as well as enhanced ability for more frequent communications with key stakeholders. We can make these immersive events a reality through all of our leading technologies. Whether shooting in 4K/HD video, transmitting your signal to multiple locations or needing backup facilities, Skyway has you covered.

Corporate Training Videos & More

Social and economic forces can shift at the blink of an eye, but remote corporate productions can allow you to stay atop market changes at the speed of light. Whether rolling out a product launch or conducting a corporate training, a corporate production at Skyway confers competitive advantages, providing for economical, efficient and effective brand messaging and human resource development. Through the use of cutting-edge technology such as our LED Smart Stages, corporate leaders and stakeholders can interact seamlessly as though they were in the same room. Further, with its unlimited capacity to realistically depict any image or setting, a virtual stage is ideal for pitching product concepts or business ideas to private equity investors and venture capitalists spread around the globe. Picture, for example, a cardiac surgeon with a virtual human heart explaining the benefits of a new drug; an engineer beside an oil rig explaining its advanced design; an architect providing a complete tour of a high-rise apartment yet to be built; all are possibilities at Skyway.

The same holds true for corporate training. Our clients have seen amazing results by replacing in-person, big ballroom events with the use of the LED Smart Stage. Delivering their message through this immersive and engaging experience, our clients save both significant time and money with vastly reduced needs for covering employees’ travel expenses. There is also the enhanced safety consideration. As the recent pandemic demonstrates, a large crowd packed into a tight space is not always a good idea.

For those on your team who do need to be physically present, Skyway is the ideal venue, providing all-boxes-checked infrastructure for your corporate production needs. Located in Nashville, a major cosmopolitan city with a newly renovated, international airport, our large, gated campus with advanced security systems provides peace of mind, keeping the public and the paparazzi out while keeping your new product line or intellectual property a safely-kept secret until you are ready to unveil it to the world. So whether you are launching a new pharmaceutical or vehicle or album, or delivering a keynote address to thousands of employees spread across the world, you will find that our turnkey production resources stand ready to make your event a success. From our prep kitchen for catering to our private conference rooms, makeup, dressing and green rooms to prepare for presentations to our technically sophisticated control rooms and production studios, all 4K/HD capable and outfitted with studio camera pedestals, jib, and TTL teleprompter, Skyway provides the perfect platform for your corporate production.

LED Smart Stage makes car sequences for television commercials, product launches or feature films economical and efficient.

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